The newest technology in the field of surveillance is the WESCAM MX-15HDi, a multi-sensor system for remote sensing and airborne video surveillance. This system provides high resolution images (HD) both for the visible and thermal infrared (IR) spectrum. Images are available for interpretation in real time in the operations room; the transmitted and stored images are then georeferenced. Therefore, the entire system allows the visualization of the target area by setting the images on a geographic database of area. The MX-15HDi system integrates an HD Video System (HDVS for complete system control) and includes an HD display, an HD downlink system (for a real-time transmission of the imagery, with a range capacity up to 250 km), an HD digital recorder, and a dynamic map with an internal GPS.
The multi-sensor camera MX-15HDi (HD 1080p) is at the moment the best technology in the field of EO/IR sensors and laser systems. Such high-level performances are achieved by using high optical zooms and a six-axis stabilization (<5 ╬╝rads).
The new generation XNG A600 directional antenna allows the ground operations station to receive the video information in HD resolution. This technology is the digital-age answer to the complex demands in terms of reception that have to be met in order to provide a professional service for a public utility.
The WESCAM MX-15HDi uses the standard transmission antenna Downlink Video HD and, according to the used band, works with antennas with a straight narrow beam. The surveillance and research crews make use of a portable unit, which receives video signals transmitted from the aircraft up to 70 km far, in order provide ground mobile vehicles with the information as well.
The state-of-the-art IR (infrared) monitoring camera includes a sensor which can provide high-resolution images. An MX-15HDi sensor can operate up to 0.025Lux and generates clear, bright and high resolution images also in case of very low lighting conditions, mist or fog.